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---- Animations ----
If a picture is worth 1024 words, how many if it's Moving?
See: Tools Used
 and make It Bigger & Move
Oscilloscope's Operation
Op Amp, Inverting
Op Amp, Inverting
(pullup resistor)
(common emitter)
(emitter feedback)
 and make It Bigger & Move
Differential Amplifier
(pullup resistor)
Differential Amplifier 
555 Timer 
Resonant ground plane
A & N ground plane 
Bypass Capacitor
Second ground plane or "Shield" Changing the resonate frequency of the First.
Demo of Shared return Currents in ground plane.
Layout's effect on effectiveness of Bypass Capacitor, showing Frequency & Time Domain response.
 and make It Bigger & Move
(Vertical 1/4 wl & 1/2 wl)
Automobile Radar
The Gene Pool
Demo of Antenna geometry's effect on Antenna Gain (directivity).
AM Modulation
DSB Modulation
SSB Modulation
 and make It Bigger & Move
I & Q Modulation
DRAM Addressing
Resistor for Transistor
Base-2 Binary 
Original Tools Used in the Construction of this Web Page: 
  • AMIGA A2000 Computer
  • Deluxe Paint-V by Electronics Arts  http://www.ea.com
  • WinTel clones 486 DX4, K6 233, K7 550
  • Windows95/98  http://www.microsoft.com
  • Animagic GIF Animator Version 1.21  http://www.rtlsoft.com/animagic
  • Gif Construction Set  http://www.mindworkshop.com/alchemy/gifconcl.html
  • HTML Assistant Pro 97, sales@brooknorth.com



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  • Netscape Page Composer 4.75  http://www.netscape.com (4.78 best of the 4.xx series)
  • Paint Shop Pro 7.02, JASC, Inc.  http://www.JASC.com) v9.xx available 
  • UltraEdit32  6.00  HEX editor http://www.ultraedit.com/(best editor I have used) v10.xx available 
  • Pro Motion 4.2  (PC version of the AMIGA Deluxe Paint-V)  http://www.cosmigo.com/promotion/) v5.10..xx available 

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