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Power Supply Splitter Convert that 12 Volt "Brick" plugged in the wall to a ± 6 Volt Dual Supply. It also reduces AC ripple.   Input voltages: 3 to 18 Volts.
HV Power Supply Power your Favorite Geiger Counter 
or Scintillation Counter.
Voltage to Frequency Convertor  ILC-8038 VCO in Action!   Better than 1000 : 1 freq variation
Transistor Relay Driver Prevent Premature Transistor Death 
in your Relay Driver Circuits.
Filter Collection  Low Pass, Hi Pass, Band Pass, I Pass You Pass...
2 Wire to 4 Wire Hybrid How Do they get Two Voices on only Two Wires? 
& How Do they Separate Them?
A.M. Transmitter AM Transmitter using only One HEX Inverter IC
A.M. DSB Modulator Diode Balanced Modulator
H-Bridge W/Power MOSFETs  MOSFETs can Conduct boo-coo Current and stay cool!
PIN Photo Detector Circuit  One Fast "mutha"  picosec
Wet Basement Sensor Device will close relay contacts to let you know: 
when you're in over your head  Blub Blub...
Piezo Sounder Detection Circuit This circuit helps interface a louder Alarm to existing alarm systems.
Cold Temperature Alarm Circuit to detect a preset temperature: relay contact closure. Lets you know when to bring in the family's brass monkey.
Voltage Changer Circuit for Automotive use: Battery to 5 Volts.  With protection diodes.  Starter motors can eat your lunch, DUDE!



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