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Vertical Antenna:
    First antenna is a 1/4 wavelength Vertical Dipole
    Second antenna is a 1/2 wavelength Vertical Dipole (Collinear Array)
Notice the reflection in the "Ground Plane" creates a Virtual Second Element
As the second dipole is introduced, note the Flattening of the pattern, this is effectively doubling the Antenna Gain, i.e., reducing the skywave and groundwaves.
This page was created with the intent to give general concepts.

  1) a vertical antenna is omni-directional;
  2) the ground plane (reflection) creates virtual elements;
  3) and the effect of adding more elements (Collinear Array) on
     directional gain. --Less sky & ground waves.

YAGI Multi-element Antennas
Coming Soon:  More Antennas 
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Links:  -  Antenna  Modeling  - Antenna Farm  -  Ham Page 
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