Educate the CustomerNEEDPROBLEMUnderstand the ProblemAsk the CustomerSit under a Shade TreeBlue Sky ItNo CookbooksUse only what you Now KnowData Sheets OKTry Several ApproachesPaper DesignPaper DesignModify Design ?Modify Design?EVALUATEResearch Others' DesignsRank-Each-DesignRank Each DesignRank Each DesignPick the BEST DesignKEEP Remaining Designs ACTIVEInitial Design ReviewDESIGNSIMULATIONDesign ReviewBuild PrototypeBuy PartsTake It Out of the LABTest & DebugAsk the CustomerDesign ReviewTest & DebugAsk the CustomerDesign ReviewNEED to PROBLEM ConvertorOh I Like It, You're such a Good EngineerKeep an Engineering Notebook