Elder Call System, 

Pendent/Button Based Version
See Also: Automated Activity Monitoring for Elderly Home Care
X10's best & most popular monitored security system $99.99
DC8700 Monitor Plus

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This advanced professionally monitored system is X10's best solution for effective, easy-to-install, monitored home security. It not only incorporates all the features expected in a much more expensive system, but also includes many features that can't be found at any price in other systems. 

"X10's Best Security Solution is the Monitor Plus with 24 hour Professional Monitoring!"

When an alarm is triggered, the Monitor Plus Security System will sound a built-in 95dB siren, optional extra-loud sirens, flash X10 controlled lights and send a digitally coded signal via your telephone line to the monitoring station. The monitoring station will then call your home to confirm if there actually is an emergency situation or if it was a false alarm. If there is no answer or if it does not receive the correct password from the person answering, the   monitoring station will call the local police and up to three other people you specify. (If you wish, you can request that it does not call the police.) 

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Professional Monitoring Available:
Learn more about ORCA's 24 hour  www.orcaweb.com

Easy installation - just plug in! 

Wireless technology

Piercing siren plus flashing lights

Summons outside help - monthly monitoring service optional.

Automatic light control to make your home look lived in!

Expandable - upgrade to suit your needs. Supports up to 16 sensors and detectors.

Portable - it moves with you.

All batteries included. Battery Back-Up Included

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Big Reds!


5 Big Reds
 Control Center

Radio Shack 43-483 $49.99
See: www.radioshack.com
Remote Horn PH508
Very Loud, 110 dB See: www.x-10.com
Plug in the Wall and go!
Wireless Intercom

Plug in the Wall and go!

Remote Horn SH10A
Loud, 105 dB See: www.x-10.com
Plug in the Wall and go!
  Alternative: Assorted Call Buttons
Key Chain
Red Buttons
$99.95  See: www.x-10.com