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 What do you do for HEAT when the Power Goes Out?

BootStrapped Natural Gas Furnace
Heats even when there is a Power Outage
During power outages, a battery back-up is used to operate the wall thermostat controlled natural gas valve. Bootstrapping this supply is a Thermo Electric Generator (TEG), positioned in the flame or exhaust stack.
If one's house is heated by natural gas (or propane) and there is a prolonged power outage--as is the case this season in many parts of the country: how can one use their gas furnace to stay warm?  Are there gas furnaces that will operate with no electricity?

I searched the various furnace manufactures and various gas companies' web pages and have not found any instance of there being a furnace that runs without electricity.

During the recent ice storm when I lost my electricity, I started figuring out how I might still heat my house with my gas furnace. I switched-off the A.C. to the furnace and substituted a ~9 volt battery for the normal 24 volt A.C. supply, opening the natural gas valve and starting the furnace. 

To help convection through the system, I also opened the furnace air intake/inspection cover at the furnace base. 

With no fan running, the furnace furnished a surprising amount of heat to the upstairs.  After an extended period of time, the over-temp (blower failure safety switch) switch kicked "out" and shut off the gas flow until a cool down period...

It seems that there might be a real need for such a device for those who live in a severe cold climate.

Of course, the killer in all this--assuming the idea is really useful, is the regulatory jungle that is laying in wait for anyone who dares!

Suggested Battery Backup Circuit

Hydrogen buildup can cause Extreme Hazards!
Use Sealed Gel Cell Lead Acid Batteries. 
Avoid using "open" Lead Acid Batteries, such as Car Batteries! 

Thermo Electric Generator Characteristic Curves
  From Melcor's Development Software "AZTEC"


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