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PICS of Kwajalein



Novel set on Kwaj-Sub Zero
Photos of Missiles

Kwajalein, An Island Like No Other
Paperback May 18, 2014
by Lynn A Jacobson 
25 customer reviews

Just Another Day in Paradise
A History of Kwajalein, MI
Hardcover June 1, 2015
by Bill Remick 
6 customer reviews

LIM-49 Nike Zeus
by Maury Markowitz

Bloomberg News on MDS 8/03/2011
by Elliot Blair Smith, et al., Thorough!

Pics of Kwaj are photos sent to us by Rich and Tina in California who picked them up at a local estate sale. We are truly indebted to Rich and his family for taking the TIME and effort of sending us all 400 slides. We are still exploring & scanning the slides; so they will appear in no special order for the time being... 

Little Marshallese girl on the neighboring Island of Ebye

Do you know these Folks? 
They may be the original owners of these Pics...

The Prinz Eugen
A captured German ship that was involved in atomic bomb tests back in the fifties. After one such detonation several ships broke loose and drifted down toward Kwaj. Lying off shore, the wreak is a favorite dive of local and visiting scuba enthusiasts.

ZAR, Zeus Acquisition Radar
The white hemisphere is the 85 foot in diameter ZAR receiving antenna.
The ZAR transmitting antenna is behind several hundred yards away.

The ZAR Transmitting Antenna atop the Transmitter House
it is inside a 90 feet high circular beam forming stainless steel fence.

ZAR Early in its Construction

Another View
Zeus Acquisition Radar Complex
ZAR Receiver
ZAR Power Plant
ZAR Transmitter
Awesome Sight & Sound
Early ZEUS Missile Launch, as seen from neighboring island.
The 3 stage Zeus was so fast coming of the hole, if you looked at the hole during launch, you would miss seeing it; you only saw the smoke trail. I quickly learned to look where it was going, and let my peripheral vision work...

Man with a Mission
 With ticket in pocket, he is awaiting his flight "Out of Paradise"
DDR  Guided the Missile to its Target
MTR, Missile Tracking Radar
Guides Antimissile on its way to the Target

Local Open Air Church

Kwajalein Airport

Homesick Already?

Jap Gun Emplacement on nearby Island

MIT's Tradex Antenna on Roi Namur




Glen A. WIlliamson
1961 - 1963

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