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1/4 Watt
Single Turn Trimmer
Multi-turn Trimmer
Wire Wound Resistor tied as a Rheostat
Wire Wound Resistor tied as a Voltage Divider
Resistors do a lot of Useful Things!
 Voltage to Current Convertor
When driving the input (base) of a transistor gain stage: you must convert the input voltage to a current by using a voltage to current convertor--a resistor.
 Current to Voltage Convertor
When deriving a voltage from the collector of a transistor amplifier stage: you convert the output (collector) current into a voltage by using a Current to Voltage convertor in the collector circuit--you guessed it--a resistor.

Resistance is Determined partially by Composition, 
and is inversely proportional to Cross Sectional Area
Notice Also that Resistance is proportional to Length

Resistor- Color -Code -----------------

4 Band Color Code 

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